New Game Music Packs up:

Composer Audio designer Michael La Manna just uploaded 3 new Game Music Packs for sale:


My name is Michael La Manna and I’m a freelance composer / audio designer.  You may not be looking for a full time composer or audio designer, but you may need music for your next project.

Please take a listen to my music for license at


The prices are very reasonable and I have recently added 3 Game Music Packs:


Horror Suspense Game Music Pack

Building that next horror survival game in UDK or Unity and you need that awesome sound track to go with it? Horror Suspense game music pack has 5 tracks suited for that eerie suspenseful moments in any 3rd or 1st person game.


Fantasy Game Music Pack

Fantasy game music pack has 5 amazing tracks suited for game trailer or in game music. Perfect for that rts, mmo, rpg styled game.


Electronica Game pack 1

3 trance styled dance tracks looped perfect for any video game.


Or purchase on the unity store:

Sci-Fi Music Pack 1


Fantasy Music Pack 1


If you need an exclusive soundtrack or audio design I am available for freelance, contract and full time.

I have a great deal of experience in creating audio assets, full musical scores, interactive audio and a vast knowledge of some of the top game engines, a resume can be forwarded to you upon request.


Thank you

Michael La Manna

[email protected]

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