Music and sound design production for videogames

I work as music composer and sound designer for videogames. Currently based in France and scoring music from my studio as a freelancer, I'm willing to connect and collaborate worldwide, available to relocate if needed, and work with awesome teams!

Hi everyone! 
My name is Francesco D'Andrea, I work as music composer and sound designer for cartoons, cinema, videogames and advertising. 

That's my first post and I hope it will be the first of a long row, I'd like to write more in future about audio development for videogames.

It's a fascinating world constantly evolving, and since the indie scene broke in it went even much forward!

I'm currently self employed and lucky enough to work as a freelancer with various companies around the globe! 

Whenever you may need to outsource custom music and sound design for your next AAA or indie title, here is the website to my company with more info and samples from past works:

In our studio we provide a wide range of audio services, which include:
* Custom Music scores 
* Sound design 
* Foley Sounds
* Recording And Post Production
* Trailer music
* Music Licensing
* Adaptive music
* TV & Radio Jingles
* Mixing and mastering
*Audio branding
* MIDI recording
* Loops, Stings & Audio Signatures
Thanks a lot for your time and for reading this first post!

In the meanwhile I wish you all the best to your future productions!

Francesco D'Andrea Audio Prod.



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