Indian developer wants to develop and not get restricted

Indian developers are mostly ignored when it comes to gaming, sad but true. I am talking about any launch event or any game promotion.

Hi Microsoft Team

Great news that you are launching Windows Phone 7 in India (link), but why?  I’ll explain what I mean by this.  When I said why I mean why restrict us from developing on the device and testing on it.  By us I mean the Indian developer.  What will you do when people want to develop on it.  How will you chanelize the development.  First of all the environment does not exist here.  Read below to know what I want to say.

We had seen a lazy launch of the Kinect device in India, although technologically superior and way ahead of its time, the device had a low profile launch event.  I am possibly living in my own well.  This device is for gamers right, then where were they.  So unhappy a crowd was present there, gosh.  It was very much a closed event and a pure CORPORATE event rather than a gaming event.  Don’t worry am pro Microsoft, I purchased a Kinect as soon as it launched.  You know, you should have launched Kinect in Mumbai at IIT Powai, you would have been SOLD OUT on the event day itself.  Also, how about sending those who are registered on Xbox LIVE, an invite.

Check the Kinect launch pictures here (link)

To top it all the Microsoft team takes no heed to us developers here.  There is no premium Membership available for India to develop for XNA, this really sucks.  I’ve been a big fan of the MS products and all especially XNA and now Kinect.  But gee I think MS does not want me to develop anymore for it.

MS please take heed of our requests and hope things change

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