Graduated Animation Mentor

Animation Mentor Graduation
Wow words can't even express how much of an amazing time I had last weekend in San Francisco. I recently graduated from the school I have been wanting to go to ever since it opened. I met some wonderful individuals that I feel will remain great friends until the end of my time. I was shocked and humbled to find out that I even WON a Student Choice award !!
It was for best personality in the live Q&A's hahaah kinda a funny award but I'll take it :) I loved the Q&A's they were probably one of my favorite parts of the Animation Mentor program. Being able to ask a professional animator anything you want blew my mind and it was something I always wanted and didn't have when I was going to college.  Interacting with the other students and getting feedback is how I think I grew so much as an artist and person over my time at AM.

It was also frickin awesome to meet Justin Barrett TD Director over at ReelFX. The guy you see in the picture with me. LOL hillarious guy we were making a few funny voices and had some really great conversations about the Bizz and life in general. I had no clue me and him had so much in common :) hope I get the honor to work with him someday soon. How sweeet would that  be.... Ohhh man I mean Justin created the Tween Machine one of my fav and most used animation tools inside maya. I use it everyday and I dont know how much time that guy saved me over the years with his kick ass tool haha

But back to the AM Graduation..... I definately met all kinds of people there. Carlos Baena, Bobby Beck, Sean Kelly, Ohh don't let me forget I got to meet almost all of my past mentors. Michelle Meeker and Nicole Herr and also got to talk with Charles Alleneck. KInd cool me and him grew up in Colorado and then moved out to SF to pursue animation and our passions. Its great to share so much with all of these talented individuals I feel completely honored to be apart of such a great community and family of Animator's. WERE GONNA TAKE OVER THE WORLD !!!! hahah

So now It's time to send out all of these demo reels and see where the universe wants to take me next. Wish Me Luck i think I might need it this time 

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