ID@Xbox chief shares tips on what makes a good Achievement

"Brutal achievements [beat entire game without taking a hit] are going to be fun for an extremely small part of your user base," writes ID@Xbox's Chris Charla. "Are you sure you want to do them?"

Hey devs, just a heads-up that ID@Xbox frontman Chris Charla took to Twitter today to share some thoughts on what makes a good Xbox Achievement.

While Charla was careful to frame the recommendations as best practices most applicable to Xbox, his advice may be helpful to the many devs who don't have the faintest clue about what makes for a "good" or rewarding achievement.

For example, Charla suggests that a normal playthrough of your game ought to reward the player with about half of the total available achievements, and you might want to award one during the first ten minutes of play to make players feel rewarded. 

He also goes on to remind devs that achievements can often be great tools for guiding players to experiment with new paths through your game, or new ways of playing. We've taken the liberty of embedding a few of Charla's tips below, and you can read the full threads' worth over on Twitter.

If this is a subject you're deeply interested in, you might also enjoy the (admittedly well-aged) feature on effective achievement design that researcher and designer Lucas Blair published on Gamasutra in 2011.

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