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The successful candidate should have a wealth of experience and a successful track record in balancing economy-driven games. 

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Game Economy Designer, Rogue Harbour

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia or Remote

Rogue Harbour, a veteran mobile game development and publishing team, is seeking a full-time Game Economy Designer to work on an idle/RPG title. The economy is integral to game success in this genre, so the successful candidate should have a wealth of experience and a successful track record in balancing economy-driven games. 

It is essential that all economic decisions and iterations are data driven. Ideally, the successful candidate has a strong understanding of mathematics and can wield this knowledge to create a dynamic experience that is never flat or boring. A strong background in traditional game design is also required as the Economy Designer will work closely with Lead Designers and Producers when crafting all new features for the road map.


  •  Establish the high level design direction for the game’s different economies
  • Craft LTE balance archetypes and continually iterate based on which curves work the best
  • Intentionally craft experiences that are enjoyable to a range of player types, while monetizing on specific segments. Balances should be both easy to engage but deep enough for core players to strategically min/max.
  • Input and manage every number for the game via spreadsheets
  • Create segments to target offers at specific player types
  • Manage all in-game sales and the timing/cadence of events, sales and promotions
  • Manufacture pinch points in the game around specific currencies at appropriate times and provide targeted solutions for the player that are clear.
  • Create and manage tools to simulate how the game’s balance unfolds over time
  • Establish reward types and quantities for all metasystems
  • Consistently review engagement and monetary data to tune and iterate on all balances and feature-specific economies
  • Take initiative to propose monetization improvements based on your AB tests, experiments and data analysis.
  • Contribute to and sometimes lead the design of all new features and metasystems
  • Implement and fine tune FTUEs and contextual tutorials
  • Constantly extend the progression when in live operations so late game players are continually getting more new content
  • Economies you are expected to work on but are not limited to: Main game balance,
  • LTE balance and rewards, shop, ad monetization, objective criteria and rewards, gacha rewards, leaderboard tiers and rewards.
  • Constantly react to the performances of sales, features, A/B tests and optimize them for future occurrences
  • Strategize and test various hypotheses around live events to improve retention, monetization, and engagement
  • Regularly meet with the CCO to align on the product road map and KPI goals
  • Establish and implement effective strategies for IAP, subscription and ad monetization in-game


  • Minimum 2-3 years experience balancing game economies on at least one shipped mobile title
  • Breadth of knowledge of a variety of monetization, retention, economy and reward structures - how each are deployed, monitored and iterated upon.
  • Adept at quantification and shaping actionable insights based on data, player feedback, and qualitative assessments.
  • Can share examples of designing amazing player-facing features that have driven player engagement or improved key KPIs.
  • Have managed the roll out of a product into test market and subsequently global launch
  • Deep understanding of the current mobile market and can speak intelligently about a number of different top grossing titles.
  • You are a master at working with spreadsheets and understand the advantages of different approaches to organizing design data and getting it in game
  • Has driven the vision for a game and worked together with a team of designers, artists, and engineers to bring it to reality
  • Deep knowledge of mobile UX, game balance and shop merchandising
  • Excellent personal management skills
  • Proven ability to own, build and iterate functions and processes.
  • Clear verbal and written communication skills
  • Incredible social and writing skills
  • Proactive in sharing knowledge with peers
  • Strong work ethic
  • Ability to help hire and develop great people
  • High standards for individual and team work
  • Experience with idle/simulation games is a plus
  • Obsessed with playing games, expanding knowledge of the industry, and keeping up on the latest trends in F2P monetization and user acquisition

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