Blizzard's Jeff Kaplan offers a roadmap on Overwatch's future

Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan shares some insight on Overwatch's next few months, including a possible update for the "Play of the Game" system.

"I've heard a lot of players say 'god dammit, Blizzard, just add it to quick play.' It would be wildly irresponsible for us to add that to something like quick play or competitive without getting more testing on the feature."

-- Blizzard's Jeff Kaplan, on implementing a new "high bandwidth" option that's currently only available in Overwatch custom games.

Today Eurogamer published a Q&A with Overwatch lead developer Jeff Kaplan, inviting the longtime Blizzard standard-bearer to help quash some community-spread rumors about the game's server refresh rate and lay out a short roadmap for Overwatch's post-launch plans. 

In the interview, Kaplan explains that most of the community's assumptions about the server tick rate being too low aren't actually server tick concerns, but rather rise from latency at the client end. He points out that players are probably more likely to observe oddities thanks to Overwatch's complex killcam, and unusual deaths that may slip by unobserved in other shooters may be more frequently seen here. 

Kaplan also buffers the idea that Blizzard should work to rapidly implement its "high bandwidth" option into the game's quick play mode because it wouldn't work for 20 percent of the game's players. 

The rest of the interview contains a rundown of both Blizzard's plans for both competitive play and design changes to champions McCree and D.Va, and also contains some intruiguing possibilities for the "play of the game" system.

"We would like to show play of the games in a more cinematic way. We feel like for your standard play of the game, like a Reaper getting a death blossom kill on four people, they look great and they're really fun to watch. But some of the other ones like the Torbjörn who's dead and his turret's killing people, or a Widowmaker getting a really impressive shot from across the map: those aren't showing great right now."

For more developer details on Overwatch's future, be sure to read Eurogamer's full interview.

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