Streamlabs launches app store with $1M developer fund

Streamlabs has announced the launch of its native app store, featuring a growing collection of apps built entirely within Streamlabs OBS.

Streamlabs, the company behind the live streaming toolkit of the same name, has announced the launch of its native app store, featuring a growing collection of apps built entirely within Streamlabs OBS (SLOBS).

As detailed in a blog post, users will have access to apps designed to help live streamers grow their channel, with Streamlabs offering everyone who visits the store $15 to check out the store to see what developers have created so far. 

Streamlabs totes itself as a broadcasting utility similar to OBS or Xsplit, but with a number of engagement-friendly features made to help streamers better connect with their chat and communities. Today's addition of an app store powered by external devs seeks to further bolster those community-focused offerings.

"The launch of this app store will make Streamlabs OBS deeply customizable to the needs of every streamer,” said Ali Moiz, CEO of Streamlabs.

“It’s hugely important to us that this is sustainable for our partners, as well. To make sure they thrive we'll be splitting the revenue 70/30, with 70% going to the developers."

This opens up the opportunity for developers to have access to every streamer who uses Streamlabs OBS, which could provide an alternative platform to build a sustainable business from.

Devs will also have Streamlabs resources at hand, including an SDK (software development kit) that will supports their app. However, its worth noting that the store is being kept invite-only for "an indefinite future." 

In addition, Streamlabs is investing $1,000,000 in a developer fund geared toward helping devs grow their business. The funds will reportedly be used to grow adoption for the app store and support developers who are early in their product lifecycle.

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