Nintendo wins lawsuit over the same patent twice in two years

Nintendo beats patent firms Patriot Scientific Corporation, Phoenix Digital and Technology Properties Limited for the second year running. It's the same case, in a different place.

Get ready for a dose of deja vu, as Nintendo announced today it won a lawsuit brought by three patent licensing entities -- Technology Properties Limited LLC, Phoenix Digital Solutions LLC and Patriot Scientific Corporation -- over its Nintendo 3DS and Wii U hardware.

These are the same three patent firms that Nintendo beat last year, when the International Trade Commission ruled that Nintendo's products do not violate the patent in question.

But the plaintiffs had brought their 2012 suit against Nintendo in both the International Trade Commission and the California federal court system, and they kept trying to beat Nintendo in California over the same patent even though the ITC had already ruled against them.

“We are very pleased with this decision, which again confirmed that Nintendo’s products do not infringe,” Nintendo of America exec Ajay Singh stated in a press release announcing the second win. “Nintendo will defend its products and its innovations, even if it must do so multiple times in different places and over many years.”

This is a well-worn response for the company, which has won at least three similar patent infringement lawsuits in the past six months.

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