Google caters to YouTubers with new Android gameplay recording tech

Mobile game YouTubers get fresh tools to play with this week as Google rolls out support for Android users to record themselves playing games, then edit and post those videos to YouTube.

Mobile game YouTubers get fresh tools to play with this week as Google rolls out support for Android users to record themselves playing games through the Google Play Games app and share those videos on YouTube.

Developers have long been aware of the power creators on YouTube and Twitch have to influence the sales of their work through gameplay videos, but Google has lagged behind the competition when it comes to supporting those broadcasters and is now playing catch-up.

Companies like Kamcorder and Mobcrush are already trying to corner the market on mobile gameplay streaming and video sharing. Google's newly-updated game app aims to do the same by allowing users to record themselves talking over their gameplay via the camera and microphone built into their device, edit that footage and upload it to YouTube. 

This new suite of tools does not (yet) seem to encompass mobile game livestreaming, something Twitch began pushing to game developers last year through its mobile SDK.

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