Kerbal Space Program's lead developer steps down

Kerbal Space Program's Felipe Falanghe steps down as lead developer on the game.

Felipe Falanghe, who was an employee at the Mexican marketing firm-turned-game-developer Squad when he came up with the idea for Kerbal Space Program, is stepping down as the game's lead developer.

Falanghe made the announcement today in a post on the Kerbal Space Program forums. In a heartfelt message, Falanghe thanks Kerbals Space Program's players and developers for all their support, saying that the game has grown to be far more then he imagined when he first dreamed it up a decade ago. 

The former lead developer recalls a time period where he was unsure of all the power he wielded over Kerbal Space Program, and how he felt any decision he made could "morph [the game] into something else."

"There was a fine line we needed to stay on, lest we let the project slip and become something other than what we intended," Falanghe writes. "That is no longer the case, and that's a very good thing. It means that conceptually, the game is complete."

Falanghe does clarify that development will continue on Kerbal Space Program, just not with him at the helm. The developer's post doesn't indicate if he will be staying with Squad, but does state he intends to continue game development. 


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