Weekly Jobs Roundup: Housemarque, Square Enix, and more are hiring now!

From Japan to California, here are just some of the many game studios and companies looking to hire new team members.

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Here are just some of the many, many positions being advertised right now. If you're a recruiter looking for talent, you can also post jobs here.

Project ManagerShiny Shoe

Location: San Francisco, California

Shiny Shoe is seeking an experienced software project manager to join its studio! The team is looking for someone who is highly detail oriented and can manage multiple simultaneous projects. This role represents an opportunity to collaborate with our leadership team to both establish and implement processes that will help take us to the next level of growth

Sr. Concept ArtistVicarious Visions

Location: Albany, New York

Vicarious Visions is looking for an exceptional Concept Artist to will work closely with the Art Director and Art Leads to expand the style and feel of the Destiny universe.  A dev in this role will also work closely with the production art team to help them envision what the finished results can be for the in-game content they are creating.

Principal Engineer (HTML5 Games)Stealth Startup

Location: Seattle, Washington

A Seattle-based startup founded by ex-Nintendo, Google, and Ubisoft devs is looking for a senior game developer with deep engineering expertise in both web and native game platform development. The company is seeking an applicant versed in the dark arts of JavaScript performance optimization as well as one who understands how to coax a few extra frames per second out of a game written for Unity, Unreal, or raw C++.

Art DirectorHousemarque

Location: Helsinki, Finland

Housemarque is looking for an Art Director with proven track record and portfolio of designing games, levels, and graphics styles. The responsibilities of this role include creating a vision of the game visuals and directing an art team towards that goal. The Art Director also would work together with an Outsource Manager in directing the look and feel of outsourced assets and will also need to be proactive and capable of handling pressure, as well as being able to work and solve problems independently.

Experienced Game DeveloperSquare Enix

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Square Enix Japan's Advanced Technology Division for research and development is seeking motivated and experienced artists, programmers and technical artists to work with its team in Tokyo on its next projects and push the boundaries in content creation.

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