WebWars Launches First Game

Tired of slow Web connections, downtime and broken links? Don't blame your cable provider. Blame a group of malevolent bugs that have been living inside the Internet, and are now engaged in fierce combat with a group of magical beings called "Weblings." W
Tired of slow Web connections, downtime and broken links? Don't blame your cable provider. Blame a group of malevolent bugs that have been living inside the Internet, and are now engaged in fierce combat with a group of magical beings called "Weblings." Weblings™ are here to save the Web from disruption and disarray, but they need help... WebWars™ today introduced Weblings, the first browser-based game on its innovative, layered reality gaming (LRG) platform. Weblings is a fun online Player vs Environment (PvE) game focused around collecting, with a fantasy storyline. The game is free-to-play and available to players over the age of 13. Users can gain open access on the game's Web site at In Weblings, each player's mission is to rescue a group of unique Webling characters, which are hidden everywhere on the Web, trapped by evil bugs. To find and rescue the Weblings, players must battle the bugs, equipped with a range of special powers. Their goal is to win character shards, which will eventually unlock an ever-changing collection of Weblings. Once unlocked, each Webling possesses different strengths and powers and can be used for future battles, as players strive to free the Weblings from their evil captors. itself
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The WebWars LRG platform turns the Internet itself into a game, allowing users to play while they surf the Web; browsing news, entertainment and social networking sites, among others. This adds depth to gameplay, while allowing players to multi-task on the Web.

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