Unity support for 64-bit iOS apps coming close to Apple's deadline

UPDATE: Unity clarifies "complexity" issue. Starting from February 1, 2015, developers who submit games to the App Store will need to include a 64-bit version.
Today, Unity published a blog post to warn developers that the company will be cutting it awfully close when it comes to supporting Apple's new requirement that games uploaded to the App Store include 64-bit binaries and be built with the iOS 8 SDK. The deadline comes into effect on February 1, 2015. Unity plans to have beta versions of new technology available in January 2015 -- though it's not yet firmly committing to that date. Unity already supports the iOS 8 SDK, but 64-bit support is down to the wire, it seems. "We think it's reasonable to plan a beta for pre-order customers and subscribers for January 2015," Vilmantas Balasevicius, Unity's development director, writes of Unity 5 beta support. "The plan right now is to ship beta preview of iOS ARM64-bit feature based on Unity 4.6.x before the February deadline." Particularly troubling to developers is the vagueness of the stipulation that "games with scripting of medium complexity will be able to run" in 64-bit mode under Unity 4.6.x. Versions of Unity older than 4.6.x will not receive support for 64-bit iOS builds, Balasevicius writes. Of note: Games that are uploaded to the App Store before the deadline will not have to include 64-bit mode, even if they are updated after the deadline, though Apple's policy may change down the road. You can read Unity's full post on the situation for more. There's also an active thread on the Unity forums. UPDATE: Unity has further explained what "medium complexity" means with this statement: "The term 'medium complexity' was a bit too ambiguous. To clarify, we are confident that the majority of iOS projects will work with little or no modifications. There is a chance that some infrequently used functionality is currently incomplete or contains bugs. These issues will be addressed and resolved quickly. We are currently testing a range of iOS games and will keep you updated on progress leading up to the February deadline."

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