Trinigy Opens Office In Korea For Engine Products

Vision Engine company Trinigy has opened a sales and support office in Seoul to support its licensees in Asian markets, where the company says it's seeing considerable growth in MMOs recently.
Vision Engine company Trinigy has opened a Seoul, Korea sales and support office to support its licensees in Asian markets, where it says it's seeing considerable growth. Like many engine providers, Trinigy has been benefiting from increasing demand in the online-focused Asian markets. To accommodate developers in the 3D browser-based gaming space -- enormously prolific in Asia and still growing -- Trinigy recently added to Vision Engine the WebVision framework, geared toward browser titles. The addition of WebVision came just after the company announced seven licensing deals with studios in China, South Korea, and Vietnam, including big players like Neowiz and SmileGate. Earlier this month, the company also presented a keynote at the Korean Games Conference. "Given our history of supporting PC and console games, the Vision Engine is ideally suited to meet the needs of MMO developers in Asia, and more specifically, Korea," says Trinigy general manager Felix Roeken. "So to better service our growing customer base in that region, we have opened a dedicated sales and support office in Seoul." The company expressed its gratitude to the Korean Games Conference, believing its appearance there helped its endeavors to gain a presence in the region. Organizers of the event agree that Trinigy's addressable base in Korea is growing. "For the last several months, Trinigy has been gaining steam in our market, and I now understand why the company and its Vision Engine really impressed the organizers and the attendees," says chief organizer Seung Hun Lee.

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