Softkinetic Debuts Iisu 2.5 Gesture Recognition Middleware

3D gesture software provider Softkinetic released the latest version of its middleware Iisu 2.5, an update that adds Linux support, new user interface tools and a new plug-in for Unity 3D.
3D gesture software provider Softkinetic this week released the latest version of its middleware, Iisu 2.5, the company said Wednesday. Key new features of the updated middleware, available now, include Linux OS support (Iisu previously only supported Windows), the new Interaction Designer tool that lets game designers more easily add gesture recognition to existing games, and a new user interface. Other new features include a plug-in for the Unity 3D engine that lets Unity developers access all iisu SDK functions in real time and an updated plug-in for Adobe Flash developers that lets them take advantage of the middleware's functions. Softkinetic's software supports all "all major 3D camera manufacturers," the company recently said. Company co-founder Eric Krzeslo said in a statement, "In addition to reducing the CPU footprint of the SDK by over 75 percent compared to iisu 2.0, the R&D team has worked with multiple clients and partners to make the solution even more robust and worry free." Softkinetic formed a studio for gesture-based games in 2009, and, along with its 3D camera technology sister company Optrima, is under the Belgium-based holding company In3Depth, which recently landed $10 million in funding.

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