Seven NHS staff suspended over Facebook 'Lying Down Game' pictures

The Facebook page for the Lying Down Game describes it as being for those who 'enjoy the sport of lying down in random public places to confuse people'
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Seven doctors and nurses have been suspended from duty at a hospital accident and emergency department after taking part in the latest internet craze: the Lying Down Game.

Participants are required to post photographs of themselves lying face down, arms neatly by their sides, in various unlikely situations on Facebook, the social networking website.

The medical staff, who were working an overnight shift at the hospital in Swindon on August 14 and August 15, took it in turns to be photographed on resuscitation trolleys, ward floors and the building’s helipad. More than 18 staff were pictured on a Facebook page set up by the Secret Swindon Emergency Department Group. The seven staff members are considered to have breached health and safety and infection control regulations and face disciplinary proceedings. They were suspended on full pay after managers at the Great Western Hospital were alerted to the prank.

The Lying Down Game is described on Facebook as “parkour [free-running] for those who can’t be arsed”. It became popular worldwide this summer when pictures were published of participants lying on ironing boards, cars, inside a jet engine and even on top of a life-size sculpture of a bear.

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