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Playfish is taking the online gaming industry into uncharted waters

Starting a cutting-edge technology company can be a costly business, involving huge investment in computer hardware and systems.

Starting a cutting-edge technology company can be a costly business, involving huge investment in computer hardware and systems.

However, when Sebastien de Halleux and three friends founded Playfish in 2007, they found an intriguing way to side-step the set-up costs. They used the internet as their storage space and distribution platform. Since then Playfish has grown to become one of the world’s leading providers of games that are played on social networking sites such as Facebook. Its most popular game, Pet Society, attracts 16 million players a month — more than even World of Warcraft.

“The big frustration in the gaming industry was distribution,” Mr de Halleux said. “One always had to go through a retailer or a network operator, so when we saw Facebook, to us it was blindingly obvious that this was going to be a strong disruptor in the way that games are distributed. We founded Playfish in October 2007 to take advantage of that.

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“There are around 200 million games consoles in the world, but there are 500 million users of social networking sites and 1.5 billion internet users. I believe social gaming could end up marginalising console-based gaming.”

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