Learn to make your game run better on mobile devices at GDC Europe

Intel's Antoine Cohade will lead a session at GDC Europe this summer about how to efficiently reduce your games' power consumption and optimize it for better performance on today's mobile hardware.

GDC officials are lining up some smart talks for this year's big GDC Europe event in Cologne, Germany, and today they're happy to announce another cutting-edge session taking place at the August conference.

Antoine Cohade helps developers optimize their games as part of Intel's Developer Relations Division, and at GDC Europe he'll be sharing his expertise in "You've Got the Power: Your Game Running Better on Portable Devices."

Check it out to learn how to efficiently reduce a game's power consumption by performing simple modifications such as capping the frame rate, reducing AI threads, changing the rendering resolution, and choosing the right algorithm. Developers will leave the presentation with an increased understanding of key power optimizations to take back and use in their next games.

It promises to be a practical, performance-enhancing talk, so don't miss it! Early birds can still register for GDC Europe 2016 by July 20th to save up to 200 euros on an All Access Pass. The conference itself will take place August 15th and 16th at the Cologne Congress-Centrum Ost venue in Cologne, Germany.

GDC Europe 2016 will also continue to offer business and matchmaking opportunities to all attendees with a developer-focused Expo Floor area and networking events throughout the show. For more information, please visit the GDC Europe website.

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