Glu, Nvidia Partner For Android Phone And Tablet Games

Mobile game publisher Glu is partnering with Nvidia to develop games for Android tablets and phones, titles that will showcase Nvidia's Tegra 2 "mobile superchip" designed for tablets and phones.
Mobile game publisher Glu is partnering with Nvidia to develop games for Android tablets and phones, with a focus on the "high performance" Nvidia prefers to have associated with its brand. Glu says it's already made 22 games for Android platforms, experience that it hopes to leverage when it works directly with Nvidia on Android devices and on Nvidia's Tegra 2 "mobile superchip" designed for phones and tablets. Nvidia says it's hoping to form more partnerships with companies that'll use its technology for gaming on these mobile devices. Says CEO Niccolo de Masi: "With the rapid growth of tablet usage, we look forward to delivering compelling social mobile games that utilize the cutting-edge technology in these devices." According to Nvidia's own description, the Tegra 2 chip is the first mobile chip to feature a dual-core CPU. The company asserts this leads to faster browsing, hardware-accelerated Flash, and "console-quality gaming" with its GeForce GPU. "Tegra's multimedia capabilities allow developers and publishers like Glu to deliver an even more immersive gaming experience for Android devices," says Nvidia.

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