Get a job: Wooga is hiring a Senior QA Test Engineer

For its newly formed QA Engineering Department, Wooga is looking for an experienced (Senior) QA Test Engineer.

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Senior QA Test Engineer, Wooga

Location: Berlin, Germany

For our newly formed QA Engineering Department, we are looking for an experienced (Senior) QA Test Engineer

In this new department at Wooga, you will be reporting to the Head of QA Engineering. The department's mission is to be ambassadors and champions of software quality, focusing on developing QA craft, strategy, and standard practices.  

Day to day, you will work embedded, alongside QA Automation Engineers, in multidisciplinary game teams to ensure we continue to produce the highest quality Story-Driven Casual Games.

Leveraging your experience in manual and automated testing, you will ensure our releases go smoothly by keeping bug counts at a minimum and ensuring performance targets are exceeded.

About the role:

  • You will be responsible for test case standards, writing test plans, definition and execution of tests
  • You will develop and maintain strategies for manual/automated testing with other team members
  • You will regularly test new features and functionalities on multiple devices and platforms to ensure consistent performance and quality
  • You will organize and participate in manual testing with the rest of the team
  • You will look for opportunities and help to transform manual testing into automated testing, together with the rest of the development and automation teams
  • You will ensure features meet acceptance criteria and quality standards before release
  • Understanding how multiple, complex features interact in order to anticipate or mitigate edge and corner cases will be the cornerstone of your role
  • You will use performance tools to analyze metrics like the graphical fluidity, loading time, battery consumption, and memory usage of Wooga’s games
  • You will be responsible for the test management process and be the owner of the test management framework
  • You will work in a data, KPI, and result driven environment

About you

  • You have several, (for senior, preferably 7+) years of experience as a QA Test Engineer (or similar role) in the mobile/web game industry 
  • You have a proven track record in UI driven testing (preferably with Unity games or applications) 
  • You are familiar with debugging and testing using tools such as Charles, Fiddler, or similar tools
  • You can code: you have a working knowledge of at least one relevant (C#, Python, Java or other) programming/scripting language and you are familiar with SQL. Experience with Unity is a big plus!
  • You are familiar with defect and test management processes and tools (Jira, TestRail, Zephyr or similar)
  • You communicate effectively, build relationships, and collaborate with multiple teams throughout the entire company 
  • You can comprehend and communicate technical information in a clear and actionable manner 
  • You have an insatiable curiosity about how complex systems work
  • You are passionate about software quality, games, and have a demonstrable understanding of the mobile game industry and gaming trends

Our promise

  • Shape the future! Challenge the status quo and team up with a diverse group of experts working on crafting the world’s best games.
  • Located in Europe’s most creative city with low cost of living and high quality of life. We offer a generous relocation package and home search support if you are not already located in Berlin. Did we mention that we also cooperate with Kindergartens?
  • Make use of a significant education budget and extra days off for self-development. Join our meet-ups, talks, brown bag lunches, internal trainings, workshops and many others.
  • Participate in the company’s success - we offer a quarterly bonus scheme!
  • Did you know that German is the third most commonly taught language worldwide? Learn it too! We offer German language classes for you and your significant other.
  • As much coffee, drinks, cereals and fruits as you can handle.
  • Choose your own equipment and be set up for success! We got your back!

At Wooga we are committed to providing a friendly, safe and welcoming environment for everyone who works here or with us, regardless to gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, age, religion (or lack thereof) and game preferences.

Interested? Apply now.

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