Get a job: Visual Concepts is hiring a Senior Game Scripter

Visual Concepts is looking for a Senior Game Scripter to help design, structure, and expand the scripts and data that drive the cinematic content for sports video games in Novato, CA.

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Senior Game Scripter, Visual Concepts

Location: Novato, California

Visual Concepts is one of the world’s top game development studios with a flat, entrepreneurial, and non-corporate work environment. We have a proven track record having shipped over 100 multi-SKU titles to great critical acclaim. 

Most recently, NBA 2K17 for PS4, Xbox One and PC is the highest Metacritic-rated sports game of this generation with critics such as Game Informer stating that “in the world of sports sims, no other game feels like it’s even on the same level as NBA 2K17” with “unrivaled gameplay, presentation and game modes.” Forbes noted that “NBA 2K’s depth continues to set the bar for the genre” and GameSpot raves “it makes me wish that every sport got the same treatment that basketball does in NBA 2K17.” The New York Daily News concludes “the entire package is as robust as a sports game has ever been” and “this year, that experience is even more stunning and addictive.” 

As “the uncontested developer of sports video games” (PlayStation LifeStyle), Visual Concepts is committed to gaming and technical innovation everywhere. 

So, what’s this all about? Using custom tools, you will help design, structure, expand and optimize the scripts and data that drive the cinematic and broadcast-style content for sports video games. You are not a professional engineer but have some exposure to coding. You are highly technical and enjoy thinking logically. 

You are passionate about sports and film/television presentation and like solving problems. You will apply a keen eye for quality with a natural ability to understand complicated configurations and detailed specifications to help troubleshoot problems with engineers and production staff for the optimal end result.


  • 3+ years of experience in scripting for the games industry
  • Deep experience with scripting tools and architecture such as Unreal Blueprints, Unity Scripting API, PlayMaker, etc.
  • Background in software engineering desired
  • Passion for NBA basketball and sports video games a plus

Interested? Apply now.

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