Get a job: Tripwire Interactive is looking for a lead gameplay engineer

Tripwire Interactive is looking for a lead gameplay engineer to help shape its engineering team.

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Lead Gameplay Engineer, Tripwire Interactive

Tripwire Interactive is looking for talented, dedicated, and passionate individuals to join the Tripwire Interactive family! Tripwire Interactive is an independent video game development and publishing company, famous for shooter titles like Red Orchestra and the wildly popular Killing Floor series. With its next project poised to blow previous projects out of the water, Tripwire has solidified its spot as one of the brightest rising stars in the games industry. 

At Tripwire Interactive, we pride ourselves in our ability to move to the beat of our own drum. Our existence as an independent studio and publisher means we are able to develop games on a schedule that reassesses what has become the status quo in the industry as a whole. We’re located in Roswell, GA just north of Atlanta; where cost of living is relatively low and opportunities are high. So if you’re looking to work in an environment that changes the game in more ways than one, look no further than Tripwire Interactive.

*Note: During this unprecedented time, we are looking for individuals who are able and willing to work from home until all restrictions have been lifted in relation to COVID-19. At such time, the position will be located on site.


Utilizing your technical skills, you will collaborate with designers, artists, audio designers, and various other specialists to design and develop best-in-class game experiences

Exemplify and promote standards for code, design, development, debugging, optimization, reviewing goals, testing and documentation

Interface between multiple departments with varies approaches to game development. You are responsible for translating creative intent into code tasks

Help to lead development teams to meet high-level project goals. Understand the intent of the creative direction and translate it into actionable descriptions of work

Participate in hiring process to grow our engineering team with an ever-rising quality bar

Identify technical and developmental risks/obstacles and generate solutions to overcome identified risks

Design and Implement engineering solutions in many areas of game development such as procedural generation, game mechanics, AI, animation, physics, rendering, localization and UI

Keep up to date on state-of-the-art software engineering methods, practices, and technologies

Write well-architected code with an eye towards performance and re-usability for multiple experiences. Evaluate other engineers code to make sure it meets the department’s expectations

Empower and guide the career(s) of your direct reports to promote their growth as engineers. You are responsible for providing feedback for your team to assist in their growth

Establish workflow pipelines and cost/time analysis required for taking a game from early prototype stages all the way through to pre-production, production and release


BS (or higher) in Computer Science or similar discipline

Minimum 6 years game industry experience with 3+ shipped titles

Excellent C++ programming and systems design skills

Experience with implementing network gameplay, AI, or physics

Ability to judge feature quality in relation to other current competing games

Adept at working with designers and artists to implement gameplay features

Experience in reviewing code and work to provide critical feedback used in career management


Profit Share

Medical, Dental, & Vision 100% of premiums for the family covered by Tripwire

Up to 30 days of PTO

16 paid Holidays

Short Term Disability & Long Term Disability

401k Match

Flexible Spending Account

Flexible Hours

Employee & Family Team Building Events

Volunteer Days

Preference to applicants with: 

Significant Unreal Engine experience

Passion for first person shooters

Proven ability of tackling challenging projects

Experience in full software development lifecycle of shipping a game

Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Ability to work well under pressure, flexible, positive and focused

Interested? Apply now.

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