Get a job: Toys for Bob is hiring a Software Engineer with Unreal experience

Toys for Bob is looking for a Software Engineer with Unreal Engine 4 experience to join its Novato, California-based development studio.

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Software Engineer, Toys for Bob

Location: Novato, California

Toys for Bob is looking for a qualified Generalist Software Engineer with Unreal Engine 4 experience to join our team in creating the next generation in our history of award-winning, best-selling games.

This individual will be responsible for providing guidance to other engineers and to content creators on best practices working with the Unreal Engine. This role requires a strong focus on communication and collaboration with others. As time progresses, you can expect your role to evolve from being support oriented into being more feature development oriented.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Implementation of software in C++ and other languages.
  • User support for the Unreal tool suite.
  • Architect and design software systems through collaboration with engineers, designers, and artists.
  • Participate in design and code reviews.
  • Support and educate other engineers on available Unreal features.
  • Follow and enforce group standards and best practices.
  • Continually expand knowledge of new game technologies and systems.

Essential experience to be considered for this role

  • Developed and shipped at least one Unreal Engine based game from start to finish.
  • Minimum 2 years’ experience working with Unreal Engine 4

Additional skills & experience we’re looking for

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or other relevant discipline or equivalent experience.
  • 5 years’ minimum software engineering experience
  • Strong C++ skills
  • Ability to analyze, improve and extend a large established code base
  • Excellent debugging skills within a networked environment
  • Actively voices ideas and opinions to the team in a constructive manner
  • Takes available opportunities to help and support team members
  • Communicates clearly and responsively project-wide
  • Coordinates work between multiple people, crossing discipline boundaries
  • Coaches less-experienced engineers to assist them in skill development
  • Empathizes with the users of their systems and workflows
  • Strong written communication skills
  • Ability to resolve conflicts in an effective manner

Toys For Bob is one of the longest-lived game studios in the world.  We founded the company in 1989 and have developed a wide variety of successful games on virtually every platform. Most recently we reinvented the world of toys and kids videogames by creating the ‘Toys to Life’ genre with Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure.  We are proud of our game’s innovation and success, but more so the passion and joy we see in the millions of Skylanders fans around the world.  Our studio is located in Novato, California, a quick 20-minute drive north from the Golden Gate Bridge.  We are a mix of game-industry veterans, energetic new developers, and everything in-between.  We work hard, yet maintain a fun and laid-back workplace complete with Tiki/Pirate Culture and a welcoming policy for friendly dogs.

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