Get a job: thatgamecompany is hiring a Graphics Engineer

Santa Monica-based thatgamecompany is looking for a Graphics Engineer to deliver the kind of visual spectacle and rich moment-to-moment feedback that helped define the studio's previous game, Journey.

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Graphics Engineer, thatgamecompany

Location: Santa Monica, California

This is a graphics specialization role focused on lower-level programming. Because we believe games can provide meaningful entertainment for everyone (not just the traditional gaming audience), we always strive to make our graphics both timeless and approachable.

The goal in this role is to deliver the kind of visual spectacle and rich moment-to-moment feedback that helped define our last game, Journey — which earned recognition as 2012’s Game of the Year in part due to the visual spectacle of its graphics technology.

This role requires a candidate who:

  • 3+ years of professional work experience in real-time graphics programming
  • Is skilled at writing state-of-the-art real-time graphics algorithms
  • Has a keen aesthetic sense
  • Has significant experience with C++ and authoring GLSL/HLSL shaders
  • Has a desire to see the medium of games mature and increase in relevance for people around the world

You will be more likely to enjoy this role if you:

  • Value autonomy and personal responsibility
  • Believe in the practice of rapid prototyping and relentless iteration
  • Desire to contribute to artistic video games

Interested? Apply now.

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