Get a job: Plastic Wax is hiring a Lead UE/VR Developer

Plastic Wax is after a veteran VR/UE Blueprint/C++ Developer to Lead its Unreal Department onsite in its waterfront studio in Rhodes, Sydney.

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Lead UE/VR Developer, Plastic Wax

Location: Sydney, Australia

Plastic Wax is an award-winning animation and production studio specializing in the creation of premium digital content for the global video games and film industry.

We seek a veteran VR/UE Blueprint/C++ Developer to Lead our Unreal Department onsite in our waterfront studio in Rhodes, Sydney. We’re after someone who is passionate about developing real-time capture & render technologies to redefine the process of film & television production and empower the Director and creative team’s vision for our projects.

As a Technical Team Lead, you will help grow and nurture the Unreal team. You’ll be trusted to spearhead development efforts as well as work closely with stakeholders, Head of Studio, producers and relevant heads of department. As the Lead UE/VR Developer, you will have the incredible opportunity to create & influence the future of our VR/AR process.


  • Direct the translation of concepts into engineering requirements.

  • Spearhead and lead the development of real-time capture & render technologies

  • Technically develop and deploy VR and AR content and projects

  • Create and maintain a visible product roadmap and project schedule.

  • Report directly to stakeholders and Head of Studio

  • Lead, grow and mentor the Unreal and real-time capture team

  • Manage source control, quality assurance, and continuous integration pipelines

  • Research, develop, and Implement current virtual reality software technologies in the industry

  • Build on current technology and implement better solutions in terms of efficiency and interaction

  • Software development of real-time 3D VR/AR capture Interfaces

  • Developing and testing new tools and applications and perform quality assurance

  • Write well-commented, unit-tested code

  • Design, review, and maintain functional specifications, wireframes, etc.

  • Collaborate with art team, motion capture team, and producers

  • Provide guidance to visual and technical artists where required


  • BS, BA and/or MS in Computer Science or related engineering field

  • Expert C++, Unreal Engine Blueprint, GIT, Perforce

  • Strong background in real-time capture, VR and AR

  • Solid R&D experience, including creating and updating R&D documentation

  • Self-motivated with strong communications skills and able to work both in a team and independently

  • Solid professional software development experience

  • Strong problem-solving skills and a good eye required

  • Proactive, positive and excellent communication skills

  • Excellent knowledge of software development and demonstrated technical aptitude.

  • Proven leadership and project management ability

  • Strong knowledge of CG animation, VFX and/or pre and production processes

  • Ability to balance multiple priorities effectively

  • Demonstrated proof of work is essential, preference given to experience with broadcast/screened, shipped work; completed experiences/technologies/games

  • Strong knowledge of software architecture, patterns, and design

  • Demonstrably excellent technical collaboration and communication skills

  • Enthusiasm, motivation, and desire to create and develop for emerging platforms

  • Extensive familiarity with source control


  • Hands-on ability with 3D/vfx tools such as 3dsMax, Maya, Houdini, Ornatrix, Marvelous Designer

  • Knowledge of additional programming languages

  • Performance and optimization experience

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