Get a job: Particle City is hiring an experienced Game Engineer

If you've got a few years of game programming experience and a shipped title under your belt, L.A.-based mobile game studio Particle City might like to hire you to work on the Titanfall mobile game.

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Senior 3D Game EngineerParticle City

Location: Los Angeles, CA

You will develop and implement various game systems and tools for core mobile titles, and contribute to pushing the boundaries of mobile gaming in a positive direction. Together with a team of exceptional designers, artists and engineers, you will be evolving the Titanfall franchise into the next big mobile gaming experience.


  • Implement and maintain robust, flexible systems for all aspects of game development
  • Client and server programming
  • Profile and optimize game systems
  • Collaborate with designers, artists and other engineers to implement and fine-tune features
  • Contribute innovative ideas toward all aspects of game production and development


  • 3+ years of recent game industry programming experience, having shipped at least one game
  • Strong programming skills and knowledge of algorithms and data structures
  • Strong knowledge of C#, Java or C++
  • Strong 3D math abilities
  • Familiarity with Unity3D
  • Performed multi-disciplinary client engineering within multiplayer games
  • At ease working within the grain of existing code paradigms
  • Rapid learner, able to absorb and understand complex systems quickly


  • Shipped at least one mobile title
  • Familiarity with cloud-based game server engineering and databases
  • AI programming experience
  • Agile development experience (Scrum, Kanban, etc.)
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