Get a job: Nerd Kingdom is hiring a Lead Gameplay Programmer

Texas-based Nerd Kingdom is looking for an adept lead gameplay programmer to be a key part of its core development team, oversee and manage the operations of several gameplay programmers, and more.

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Lead Gameplay Programmer, Nerd Kingdom

Location: Irving, Texas

Nerd Kingdom is looking for an adept lead gameplay programmer to be a key part of our core development team, overseeing and managing the operations of several gameplay programmers, while prioritizing the development of critical game systems. You will also work closely with key stakeholders and production personnel to ensure efficient game development on a studio-wide basis.

This position calls for exceptional programming skill, boundless enthusiasm for making games, and the ability to guide and mentor a team of very talented, passionate programmers.

You should be one of the best and brightest, with a passion for software architecture, problem solving, and working in a collaborative environment with significant ownership and responsibility.


  • Define and coordinate task assignments for programming team members
  • Provide accurate time estimates
  • Help develop project technology roadmap
  • Work independently to implement new game and tools functionality
  • Write super-clean, testable, and well documented code
  • Enforce programming standards across programming team
  • Review and approve completed programming tasks in collaboration with the production staff and other leads
  • Optimize code, fix bugs, and implement adaptable features
  • Ensure the programming team meets all established goals and requirements in an efficient and timely manner with a high degree of quality
  • Work with other team members to plan and implement complex systems
  • Identify possible risks/pitfalls in all areas of the project and provide practical alternatives/solutions
  • Provide critical analysis of technology and development practices with the goal of improving game quality and team efficiency
  • Interface with the executive team to ensure all company technology interests and policies are properly represented and maintained throughout the course of development of current and future products
  • Maintain familiarity with current game technology across the industry to ensure the company develops compelling and competitive products
  • Adapt quickly, test, measure, and learn to validate and iterate on gameplay
  • Collaborate with positive enthusiasm in a dynamic team environment


  • 6+ years experience as a senior or lead game programmer
  • Expertise in programming and publishing games with Unity
  • Good leadership and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent documentation skills
  • Ability to organize and manage project files
  • Knowledge of Unity packages, tools, research, and integration
  • Experience managing game repositories (Perforce, SVN, etc.)
  • Proficient with task tracking software (JIRA, etc.)
  • Work with minimal management intervention or instruction
  • Serve as an enthusiastic and vocal supporter of the product, the team, and the strategic goals of the company
  • Ability to remain positive and resourceful under pressure.
  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent work experience.


  • Expertise in multiple programming disciplines (UI, tools, infrastructure, network, engine, graphics, physics, AI, etc.)
  • Shipped titles on multiple platforms, especially PC and mobile
  • Experience in multiple aspects of game development (design, art, audio, etc.)
  • Familiarity with user-generated content
  • Experience with games as a service
  • Knowledge of, and passion for sandbox games

To apply, please provide the following:

  • Your resume
  • A cover letter, which describes your interest in working with Nerd Kingdom

Interested? Apply now.

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