Get a job: Industrial Light & Magic seeks a Game Engine Programmer

Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), Lucasfilm's VFX/animation studio, is looking to hire a game engine programmer to develop and maintain code for a real-time game engine at its San Francisco, CA office.

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ILMxLAB Game Engine Programmer, Industrial Light & Magic

Location: San Francisco, California

We’re on a mission: building the future. We’re working in this crazy-fun, hybridized fusion of entertainment where exceptionally high-end (previously pre-rendered) vfx meets interactive, immersive stories. That spectacular mash-up results in unparalleled real-time worlds where we endeavor to raise the bar for experiences and visuals as high as we possibly can. As if making compelling movies and games wasn’t hard enough in isolation!

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not complaining about the challenges. That’s literally why we come to work: It is our great fortune to be standing at the crossroads - unconstrained by a specific title or universe - in a collaborative, highly creative, and highly technical work environment. If that sounds interesting, jump in. We still believe in picking up hitchhikers.

Our team is growing. We are looking for talented, driven creative technologists to help design and implement to join us. Have a look at the description below. If it sounds like you, send us your stuff!


  • Develop and maintain code to extend real-time game engine.
  • Assist in development of rapid prototypes, as well as delivery of high-quality projects for both internal brands and external partners.
  • Work with an agile and multi-disciplinary team of artists, designers, and programmers to design, prototype, implement new gameplay assets and features.
  • Act as technical liaison between real-time development, pre-rendered VFX teams, as well as R&D and ADG.
  • Assess tech and developmental risks.
  • Propose solutions to overcome identified risks.
  • Assist in specification, ensure that design and implementation of experience meets runtime and performance budgeting requirements.
  • Help to improve development pipeline, support the technical artists and level designers via plug-in and tool development.
  • When necessary, collaborate with leads in development of estimates and schedules.
  • Actively participate in the QA process to identify, triage and fix bugs.
  • Write polished, optimized and documented code.


  • Bachelor’s and or Master’s degree in Computer Science or related discipline.
  • 4+ years of game development experience as an engine/graphics programmer.
  • Extensive experience working with and extending Unreal 4 or 3.
  • AAA game development experience for PC or game consoles.
  • Extensive experience with the C++ programming language, strong skills in C# & Python.
  • Solid understanding of algorithms, physics and math.
  • Strong familiarity with OOD principles.
  • Extensive experience with graphics APIs: DirectX, OpenGL, etc.
  • Extensive experience using and programming real-time shaders: Cg, HLSL, GLSL.
  • Experience with game audio libraries: Miles, FMOD, Wwise, etc.
  • Strong understanding of 3D modeling, texturing and animation.
  • An appreciation for - and strong desire to create - unbelievable games.


  • Unity, Crytek, Frostbite or other game engine development experience.
  • Previous experience - and/or strong desire to be working - with VR or AR hardware and SDKs.
  • Experience in assembly code, development of low level systems like streaming.
  • Software-based rendering experience (Arnold,V-Ray, Renderman, Maxwell, etc.)

Interested? Apply now.

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