Get a job: Health Scholars is hiring a Technical Artist in Colorado

Health Scholars is looking for a talented, driven, creative Technical Artist to help design and build the next generation of interactive VR educational training applications.

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Technical Artist, Health Scholars

Location: Westminster, Colorado

Health Scholars is looking for a talented, driven, creative Technical Artist to help design and build the next generation of interactive VR educational training applications. The Ideal candidate would have demonstrable experience working with the Unity engine and 3D graphic art production pipelines. This role is for someone that not only has great technical production depth, but also has artistic chops and an interest in research and development of new tools and in engine features and content.     

About Us:  

Our mission is to advance healthcare education through virtualization, making experience-based training scale-able, accessible and affordable to both Healthcare and Public Safety providers. Health Scholars is a cloud-based, Virtual Reality (VR)-ready clinical training platform with VR Simulations, Simulation Management, and Clinical Readiness Reporting solutions for the management, delivery and analysis of clinical training. Our VR simulations extend physical simulation beyond the simulation center, enabling repeatable practice of proper workflows as well as critical soft skills like communications, situational awareness and critical thinking.  


  • Develop and streamline tools for asset delivery from Maya into our game engine and Unity (including models, animations, FX, and shaders).  
  • Improve art and animation implementation in Unity by writing tools and establishing automated workflows.  
  • Solve visual issues and enhance fidelity within Unity with script and tool creation.  
  • Responsible for collaboratively developing the production pipeline to ensure efficient asset creation and delivery, and a streamlined process for artists and engineers.  
  • Develop shaders in Maya and Unity, and collaborate with engineering for parallel development in the game-engine.  
  • Contribute and assist in other areas like character/environment rigging and FX for creating, debugging, and streamlining asset production.  
  • Build, maintain and troubleshoot production pipelines.  
  • Help to drive and direct overall character and asset pipeline for future project needs, with tool/workflow development geared towards extensibility and flexibility for upcoming needs.  

  Required Skills / Experience  

  • 3 to 5+ years experience as a technical artist - or equivalent capacity - in 3D game development.  
  • Strong art skills with experience and deep understanding of modeling, texturing, animation, and VFX & lighting for games.  
  • Maya: in-depth knowledge, experience with the API (Python or C++), strong scripting skills in Python/PyMel.  
  • Unity Shaders: in-depth knowledge of real-time shader implementations, limitations of shaders in VR, strong understanding of PBR pipelines, and subsurface shaders.  
  • Strong understanding of asset integration in Unity including importing models, rigged characters and animations, sprites and textures, and audio. Ability to write tools to standardize and automate these processes.  
  • Specialty in one or more of the following highly desirable;  
    • Shader pipelines and Shader tools   
    • Character Rigging (Body and Facial) and Animation pipelines  
    • Art creation Art asset pipelines    

Desired Skills / Experience  

  • Passion for playing and making VR and AR VFX productions.  
  • Proficient with profiling tools in the examination & diagnosis of performance issues.  
  • Interest and capacity to work with proprietary toolsets  
  • A portfolio / reel submission - including a detailed breakdown of your work in each section - is required with all applications   
  • Experience shipping multiple games or applications, and have a good understanding of software development lifecycles.  
  • Understanding of Unity visual effects such as particle systems, VFX Graph, and post processing.    

Bonus Points:  

  • Familiarity with the following Software: Motion Builder, Substance Painter, Substance Designer, ZBrush, Photoshop,   
  • Experience with creating VR or AR games or applications  
  • Profiling and performance optimization of applications  
  • Experience with project tracking and version control tools  

Interested? Apply now.

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