Get a job: Double Fine is looking to hire a Senior Programmer

The studio responsible for games like Broken Age, Massive Chalice and Costume Quest is looking for an experienced programmer to take a senior role at Double Fine's San Francisco HQ.

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Senior ProgrammerDouble Fine

Location: San Francisco, CA

Double Fine has an immediate opening for an ambitious, visionary and experienced Senior Programmer for its San Francisco development studio. The ideal candidate has considerable experience contributing to a large cutting-edge code base and has the ability to architect and implement critical game engine components.

The role requires prior experience developing for modern game systems such as PS4, Xbox One or Windows. Additional key qualifications for this role include good problem solving skills, the ability to motivate, collaborate with, and mentor others, and a passion for adding the extra polish that that truly sets Double Fine games apart from other games.


Contribute innovative and original ideas on all aspects of game production and development.
Design, develop, and maintain the core engine systems that power Double Fine's games.
Mentor more junior programmers on systems design, programming best practices, and debugging techniques.
Develop technical design specifications as well as implementation and test plans.
Create software systems that are intrinsically scalable and cross platform.
Create or improve tools as necessary to support specific features/systems.
Continuously test, debug, profile, analyze, and optimize across on all applicable platforms.


Five or more years experience in the creation and delivery of state-of-the-art, performance-minded games with two in-game credits required.
Demonstrated proficiency in C++.
Proficient with linear algebra and general 3D mathematics.
Comfortable working with internal and externally developed code.
Effective communicator and collaborator with engineers and team members from other disciplines.
A natural curiosity for all aspects of game development and a willingness to work on a wide variety of systems.
Excellent analytical and communication skills.
Self-motivated and passionate about making video games.
Commitment to personal and peer development and sharing best practices.
Must be legally authorized, or able to immediately obtain legal authorization, to work in the US.


Hands-on experience developing for Unreal4 or the PS4
Bachelor's degree or higher in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Math, or related field
Experience with Maya plug-ins and art pipelines
Experience designing and implementing threaded, asynchronous software
Interest in creating tools, art pipelines, Maya plug-ins, etc
Experience with real-time physics, animation, and inverse kinematics

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