Get a job: Cignition seeks a Game Programmer

Palo Alto-based game startup Cignition is looking to bring on a programmer well-versed in C++, C# and Unity to work on the studio's debut title across PC and mobile platforms.
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Game Programmer, Cignition

Location: Palo Alto, CA We are looking for a passionate game programmer to join an innovative team that blends great gameplay with a unique take on education. As a member of a startup, you will be expected to wear many hats and be required to prototype, develop core features, and optimize for target platforms. You will have the opportunity to collaborate with designers, artists, other developers, scientists, and subject-matter experts to help define the vision for our projects. This is a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a growing team that is developing a truly original series of games and interactive experiences. Responsibilities - Work with game designers and developers as well as researchers, translating their concepts into gameplay. - Rapidly prototype game systems with throw-away code and write well-architected game systems for released products. - Profile and optimize code for PCs and mobile environments. Requirements - Strong communication and collaboration skills. - Passion for making innovative games that will vastly improve the educational experience of players. - Strong basis in object oriented programming and data-driven systems. - Expertise in C++, C#, and Unity. - Strong understanding of software design, development and test methodologies. - Excellent analytic and problem solving skills. - Must have gone through a full product cycle - taking an idea from concept through to development, shipping, and post launch support, both architecting the game systems and staying there to the end to track down and fix the most obscure bugs. - Thorough understanding of common game systems and game architecture principles, including physics, collision, and AI/pathfinding. - Self-starter, mentality to thrive in a startup environment, exploring a new problem space. - BS/MS Computer Science or related discipline, 4+ years of professional experience or equivalent. - Avid gamer. Pluses - iOS/Tablet/touch-interface and PC development experience. - Experience in gameplay design and working with designers in experimental genres. We offer - Highly collaborative environment with wide range of expertise. - Opportunity to greatly improve human learning. - Generous stock options and opportunity to help build company from startup. - Highly competitive benefits package. Interested? Apply now.

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