Get a job: Bethesda Softworks is hiring a Graphics Programmer

Bethesda Softworks is seeking a Graphics Programmer experienced in C++ to create clear and functional code, create and manage custom shaders, and deliver high-quality work in Rockville, Maryland.

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Graphics Programmer, Bethesda Softworks

Location: Rockville, Maryland


  • Writes clear, maintainable, portable C++ code
  • Understands entire graphics engine architecture, from game interface to graphics API interface
  • Writes and maintains custom shaders across a range of hardware
  • Writes clear, maintainable and highly functional code
  • Test and document code you write
  • Supports and maintains existing systems
  • Works well with other engineers, artists and designers
  • Accurately estimates his/her schedules and delivers high-quality work products to that schedule


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience
  • 5+ years C++ development and graphics programming experience
  • Experience with DirectX 11 level shaders and HLSL
  • Expertise in building multithreaded, real-time systems
  • Experience writing systems balancing performance and maintainability
  • Excellent analytical and mathematical skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills and problem-solving ability
  • Experience profiling and optimizing both CPU and GPU utilization
  • Experience with game editor plugins/modification
  • Experience with Max plugins a plus
  • Development experience in the games industry a plus
  • Development experience on game consoles (Xbox360/PS3/Xbox One/PS4) a plus
  • Ability to contribute innovative and original ideas towards all aspects of game production and development
  • Strong communication and organizational skills
  • Must work well under pressure and handle multiple tasks
  • Passion for making GREAT games
  • Experience playing previous Bethesda Games Studios games

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