Get a job: Be a Data Systems Engineer for Cloud Imperium Games

The studio currently at work developing Chris Roberts' crowdfunded Star Citizen is hiring an engineer to work on a variety of data-wrangling tasks alongside the team in its Austin, Texas office.

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Data Systems EngineerCloud Imperium Games

Location: Austin, TX

Cloud Imperium is looking for a Data Systems Engineer to work on our exciting PC space combat sim, Star Citizen.

Cloud Imperium Games is a new kind of independent studio dedicated to delivering AAA experiences outside the established publisher system. Founded by Chris Roberts, creator of the best selling Wing Commander and Freelancer series, Cloud Imperium is currently developing Star Citizen, a record-shattering crowd funded title that combines classic space sim gameplay with Hollywood-caliber visuals.


  • Responsible for helping server team architect and build data storage system for all of Star Citizen
  • Responsible for the Health, Indexing, Persistence, and Retrieval of all Game Data
  • Participate and lead all DB storage modeling and design
  • Design APIs to interface with game and platform data
  • Performance turning and optimization of production databases systems.
  • Respond to JIRA tickets as assigned.
  • Manage day-to-day operations for test and development database.
  • Automate recurring tasks using cron and database schedulers.
  • Submit service requests to software vendors and drive to resolution.
  • Create and modify database objects.
  • Execute tools to determine the health of a server and the databases running on it.
  • Assist DevOps in the rollout of new production services.
  • Manage day-to-day replication processes.
  • Work with DevOps and Operation Director to implement standards and best practices.


  • Understanding of basic database concepts such as normalization and indexing.
  • Familiarity with structured query language (SQL) and basic DML operations.
  • Experience with UNIX/Linux operating systems, shells, and file systems.
  • Ability to perform after-hours and/or weekend support for key deployments.
  • Understanding of intermediate database concepts such as stored procedures, query plans, and parallel processing.
  • Knowledge of structured query language (SQL and NoSQL).
  • Ability to navigate UNIX file systems and locate standard directories and files.
  • Excellent problem solving and collaboration skills.
  • Perform weekly on-call support for all database systems.


  • Experience with shell tools and scripting languages (awk, Python, PHP)
  • Understanding of major MySQL storage engines (MyISAM, InnoDB, NDB)
  • Understanding of major NoSQL storage types
  • Understanding of Cassandra

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