Game development and programming

This post is about the link between programming and game development. It focuses on the need to learn programming to develop games. Is it a requirement to learn programming or one can make a game without any coding language.

Game development in terms of a common non tech person is something, very difficult. But once you enter the gaming industry, you will know it is just a series of process carried out by ordinary people over a period of time. The very first thing that comes on everyone's mind when they think about game development is coding. They get confused and overwhelmed on the question "How can i make a game without knowing how to code?". In this post we will see how non coders also contribute to game development in industry and how non coding indie developers also make complete games.

Before going into game development it is necessary to understand the process behind how games are made and how you can make your own game. That is when you know that there are so many fields in game development that does not require any kind of programming skills. 

Game development jobs that doesn't require programming

  • Artists
  • Animators
  • 3D modelers
  • Sound designers
  • Marketing managers
  • Game designer and project managers
  • Tech and IT support
  • Game testers and quality managers
  • Story tellers
  • Server managers for online games

I want to go Indie but no coding skills

Many artist and animators want to make their own games but are afraid of programming. This is were the game engines have come up with tools called Visual scripting. Visual scripting is more like joining nodes or functions using a UI interface and the program process the scripts in the background. Almost all big game engines come with visual scripting tools. For example, Unreal engine has blueprint, Unity has Bolt(recently acquired) and many other plugins from the asset store, Godot has its own visual scripting option.

Is it easier to visual script that to code?

It depends on the type of game you are making. If your are making a simple game like flappy bird, then using any visual scripting tool will be more easier. In cases where you require complex behavior coding is more preferred as the visual scripting becomes more cumbersome. 

Game development and programming


Anyone can make games and there is a job for every skill in the game development industry. So, if you are someone with no coding skill and don't want to learn coding, you still have many options to enter the gaming industry or make your own Game. Don't hesitate to enter, the gaming industry is full of Fun and adventure just like playing a game.

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