Devs Answer: What are the best comments left in your code?

We asked developers what their favorite comments they'd seen in game or engine codes. The results may make you go check what your programmers have left behind.

Comments: the video game graffiti of programming. Whether you're cracking open a new engine, leaving reminders for yourself, or just trying to cope with the mind-racking difficulty of a hard programming puzzle, comments are the best way to leave notes for yourself or other people that may not be noteworthy until they're read at the most (or least) opportune moment. 

In honor of the misbegotten messages left behind by brave programmers, we asked our readers on Twitter for their favorite comments left behind in their code. Their answers may inspire to explore your own game's code, like a mysterious traveller unearthing the secrets of a lost civilization. 

Remember, if you're interested in participating in these conversations in the future, make sure to follow @Gamasutra on Twitter. The questions usually go out on Fridays in the late morning, Pacific time, alongside Tweets of our regular news, blogs, and original writing. 

Our first batch of readers tell stories of some---creative examples, giving programmers a chance to flex their creative writing muscles alongside their computer science backgrounds. 

This group of readers discovered a series of ominous warnings, remind us all that code can sometimes be more akin to magic then science. 

And finally, there are just those bits of code that help seem to help programmers make it through the day. Or at least, the build. 

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