Apple to release full Apple Watch SDK this fall, with beta soon

Apps have yet to wow reviewers and early adopters, but a new and improved SDK for the device will be released as a beta in early June.

Newsbrief: A full SDK for the Apple Watch will be released soon, as a beta -- with a full release in the fall, reports Ars Technica. The news comes from Apple SVP of operations, Jeff Williams, who spilled the beans at Re/code's Code Conference.

Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference comes to San Francisco on June 8, and the beta SDK will be released alongside the keynote speech, Ars reports. The final version will come this fall, which is when apps using the new SDK can start to release, too.

Currently, developers must use Apple's WatchKit to make apps (and games) for the device, which offers limited access to its functionality. The new SDK will offer access to the watch's sensors, its Digital Crown, and "more tools for game developers," according to Ars.

Gamasutra recently spoke to Bossa Studios' Vince Farquharson and Rob MacKenzie about developing for the Apple Watch in its current state -- the developer released Spy Watch alongside the device last month.


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