AI Company Xaitment Combines Existing Tools With XaitMap 3.0

AI tool provider xaitment has debuted xaitMap 3.0, which consolodates the company's xaitMap and xaitMove to provide an integrated solution for pathfinding and crowd movement.
AI tool provider xaitment has announced that it will combine its existing xaitMap and xaitMove products into a single new release dubbed xaitMap 3.0. The company says that this new release combines pathfinding and automatic navigation mesh generation with an integrated movement core, offering developers a more integrated solution for pathfinding and crowd movement. In addition to consolidating the features from xaitMap and xaitMove, xaitMap 3.0 will also introduce a dynamic blocking pathobject for simulating doors and destructible objects, and the ability to add custom data to a nav mesh, among other features. "Our goal as an AI middleware provider has always been to provide tools that are powerful, yet simple to use. The modularity of our solutions is a key component of that simplicity. But in the case of xaitMap and xaitMove, the separation no longer made sense," said Mike Walsh, managing director and CEO of xaitment. The company says it will debut the new product at gamescom 2011, which runs next week from August 17 to August 21. Earlier this month, Mike Walsh, Havok's former VP of worldwide sales, joined xaitment as its new CEO, where he will help the company expand into Asia and the Americas.

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