Point Cloud Resources and Company Profiling

There are a number of new Point cloud technologies used for gaming. Here is a great list of SDKs and 3D scanner point cloud resources

3D PT Cloud resources - comments and Technology profile 2012                                   
    Emerging Trends 2012                                   
A    13th Lab is based in Sweden they are developing a point cloud SDK for ios devices as well as a point cloud based web browser. Features of their ios SDK nclude 3D tracking and mapping, image recognition, support for “3D rendering/physics of your choice”                   
    The SDK uses the camera built into IOS devices to generate point cloud data. The programming language behind it is C++                                   
    With the release of PointCloud SDK 3.1 they will begin beta testing for Unity support. Support on Android devices is also coming.                                    
    Gaming market will be the target market for this device.                                   
     The PointCloud SDK can be used with the Minecraft Reality app which is available now in the App store.                               
B    Dinast, which is located at Corpus Christi, they produce  IPA. Which is 3D camera for gesture detection.
C    Point Clouds (PCL)       
    Enables you to use Kinect for point cloud processing.                                                         
    You can program with it using Visual Studio C++                                   
    Mostly in robotics and games that uses kinect.                                   
    Kinect Sports Season Two, Kinect Sports, DECA Sports Freedom, Nicktoons MLB, Dance Central 2, Just Dance 3, Dance Central, Micheal Jackson The Experience, Zumba Rush, Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2012, EA Sports Active 2, UFC Personal Trainer, Kinect Rush A Disney Pixar Adventure, King Fu Panda 2, Sesame Street: Once upon a Monster, Kinectimals, Kinect Star Wars, The Gunstringer, Rise of Nightmares, Twister Mania Xbox 360                                   
D    Sony Online Entertainment.  EVERQUEST 2 Austin Texas or San Diego California           
E    My 3d Scanner is developing a service that runs on their own servers and is accessed through the Web. They are located internationally and they don’t provide a physical address for contacting them. They provide a photo/video to colored point-cloud-data/mesh. It features a very simple procedure were you provide a collection of images of an object from different angles and it sends you the point-cloud-data/mesh result. It also features SmashIt, a program that turns imperfect meshes with holes etc. into printable objects. Automatic prediction of the processing time, email notification, dense color point cloud in .PLY format and gallery sharing are some other features               
    We were amazed to find out that just a bunch of raw images could be analyzed to recreate the subject on the images.                                   
F    Euclideon, Brisbane Australia.  Euclideon specializes in providing agile enterprise solutions that improve productivity and the usability of large volumes of nt cloud data (currently no working products).                   
    Interface issues include slight vibration of objects causing scans to distort, and heat causing one side of the scanner to expand while the other side stays the same size also causing distortion.                                   
    The tech should continue to advance and make data capture cheaper and more available.                                   
    Anticipate that gaming markets will jump on this technology, we already have the Kinect and various other motion detector systems for games, why not a new one                                   
    Bently Point Tools will use point cloud when released in 2013.

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