Motorola turns to Google Android to rescue its mobile business

Motorola's European boss tells us why he is attempting to rebuild his company's mobile fortunes by using someone else's operating system

Motorola has announced it will launch a range of phones running the open-source Android operating system that was developed by the internet search giant Google.

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The first phone using the system will be called the DEXT in the UK, and will launch on September 15.

Motorola, a 1980s pioneer of mobile phone technology, has experienced a collapse in demand for its mobile phones, its market share falling to just 6 per cent earlier this year, from a peak of nearly 20 per cent in 2007.

“We have basically reinvented Motorola over the course of the last 15 months,” Ralf Gerbershagen, Motorola’s Vice-President and General Manager for mobile devices in Western Europe, told The Times.

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