Making a in-world language for a RPG

James Fuller (CEO of Storm Harted Academy) writes about how he's creating a unique new language for a RPG.

You may think it's crazy

Coming up with a new language just for a RPG but I think that it'll add to the deep lore in the game that I'm trying to promote and make it stick to your mind.

I am planning to put the brand new language in the game in several parts or excerps from scripts of legends and the like in the RPG. I am planning to create a setting to switch which language you want to play in at the start of the game.


Why am I doing this?

I created the new language so that if the game becomes a hit then maybe the people who play the RPG might choose to learn it so that they can show off to other fans but perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself!

I also chose to have the new language in the game so that it could deepen the story and attract the player into the true core of the game's lore and the history that I and others had worked so hard to come up with.

What is so different about the language setting?

Right now it isn't in the game yet and I can't reveal any info about how interesting and easy the new language is but I can say that the game will be in English and the new language I created.

James Fuller is the CEO and Lead Designer of Storm Harted Academy.

If you have any questions then be sure to email to [email protected] so that we may answer them.

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