Introducing me and my games!

Just wanted to start out with a short introduction of who I am and what I've been up to. For the past few years I discovered how dissatisfied I was with pc games, so I decided to dive into game programming head first. I have been an avid user of Visual Basic for years and after attempting a few projects with it, decided it wasnt what I was looking for.

I then purchased DarkBasicPro and made a few snippets that seemed ok. After learning of Darkbasics inability to do certain things, I went to Blitz3d. I absolutely loved the language and used it for a few years. I finally created a full fledge multiplayer Dice Game like Yahtzee. Once I finalized it, I faced a bit of a dilema with deployment.

I looked into hosting the game online, but there wasnt any viable 3rd party solution for web deployment of blitz3d games, so I picked up Java. I've been using Java for the past 6-8months and created a shooting ball game, single and multiplayer TicTacToe and a single player version of Hearts.

I am currently working on the multiplayer version of my hearts game and looking at porting my Blitz3d dice game to java so that I can host it at my website at Mighty Realms. I am extremely obsessed with making games and will continue to post any game projects on the web site.


Thank you. 

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