IGDA Los Angeles -- The Squeakquel (February Meeting)

Yep, it's happening again. Networking from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. Then a cool panel on Serious Games. Be there or be square :)


IGDA Los Angeles moves into February and GDC season with the second chapter meeting of the year! We invite you to join us on the second Thursday of each month as we explore current industry topics, connect with our professional peers and foster the advancement of the video game industry.

The February chapter meeting will include a round table discussion titled:
"Why So Serious? The Truth About Game-Based Learning"

Serious games have come a long way -- from their humble "edutainment" beginnings to multi-million dollar projects withgovernment oversight. It seems that nothing can stop the growth of games thatteach, train, inform, and promote social change. Join our panel of industryinsiders from Alelo, Disney Learning, Enspire Learning, and GameDesk as theydiscuss the current state of the serious games sector; a comparison of serious "sub-genres";approaching game design when it's bound by real-world rules; and ensuring the survivalof "fun" in serious games.


  • Bjorn Billhardt - CEO, Enspire Learning
  • Kevin Perry - Director of Production, Alelo
  • Starr Long - Executive Producer, Disney Learning
  • Lucien Vattel - Executive Director, GameDesk

Moderated by Jeannie Novak, founder & CEO, Indiespace 

There will be ample parking available in the building'sparking structure, and light refreshments will be provided by our generoussponsor, Alelo. We look forward to seeing you and being a part of the new IGDALos Angeles!

We hope to see you there!



12910 Culver Boulevard, Suite J

Los Angeles, CA 90066



Thursday, February 11, 6:30PMto 9:00PM

Phone:     (310) 574-7500

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