House For Sale

I have a lovely home for sale. Details inside.

House For Sale

A beautiful 3000 foot Victorian home sitting on 3 acres of lush landscaped land. The home and land is surrounded by an eight foot limestone wall with a double iron gate opening onto the cobblestone driveway.

The driveway leads to a loop in front of the house ending in a loop centered by a koi pond with 3 tiered fountain.

The house is wrapped with a porch on three sides with entries in the front side and rear. A balcony sits upon the rear section of the porch overlooking the backyard, brick patio and stone swimming pool. 

The patio is complete with brick grill and oven and stone table for outdoor cooking and dining.

The salt water pool is made of smooth granite stone with an overhanging rock waterfall for diving. Stone formations add variety to the deck of the pool. 

The downstairs of the home consists of a living room, formal dining room, kitchen, breakfast room, half bath, library and study. Upstairs is where you will find four bedroom, 2 full baths, master bedroom and master bath. The master bedroom has a sitting area that opens up to the balcony. The master bath has a two person shower, duel sinks and a whirlpool tub big enough for two.

What home would be complete without a state of the art security system.

This security system comes complete with security alarm that alerts the authorities in case of a break in. All windows and doors are equipped with the alarms to protect you from any person trying to gain access by breaking in.

Next up are the motion detectors and camera system that scans all rooms of the house for potential illegal behavior. If at any time the security system detects any behavior that is not consistent with the database of acceptable behavior, the house will lock down and the authorities will be alerted.

Moving on, we have our state of the art persistent connection. This connects your home 24/7 with a team of security specialists. This allows you to feel safe at all times whether you are home or not. The best part of this service is if at any time the security system loses its connection to  the security team, the home will lock down and no one will be able to enter or leave. This will protect your home and family in case someone tries to disconnect the power or communication lines.

Finally, this security system comes complete with a set of DNA encoded house keys. Every home owner receives three such keys. Each key is tied to a specific member of the family. In order to work, the keys must have skin contact with the designated owner to unlock the doors of the home. This will protect your home in the case the keys are lost or stolen. No one will be able to gain access to your home with your keys.

Taking offers.


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