Get a job: The Behemoth and The Research Centaur seek a QA Test Lead

The Test Lead will help test Behemoth games from start to finish, as well as working with various external client titles through The Research Centaur division at The Behemoth's San Diego, CA office.

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QA Test Lead, The Research Centaur

Location: San Diego, California

The Behemoth/The Research Centaur is looking for a QA Test Lead! We like to beat our games up to make them better and we need your help!

The Test Lead will assist in helping plan and test Behemoth games from start to finish as well as working with various external client titles through The Research Centaur. We need someone with strong communication, team management and budgeting skills as well as a strong focus on independence and innovation within the department.


Strategic Planning & Project Management

  • Develop and design complete black box Functional test plans and test case sets. Primarily responsible for test success of games, mobile applications, and websites for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and tablet/mobile devices (iOS), based on risk-based testing best practices.
  • Create time and financial budgets from test plan requirements.
  • Work with test specialists to integrate advanced testing plans and track/maintain testing schedules for assigned projects, syncing with and communicating to production.
  • Create budgets and maintain accurate QA headcount estimates and staffing requests/adjustments for assigned projects
  • Maintain testing priorities based on risk and per-build changelists (as provided), and communicate priorities to team via assignments.
  • Development of new QA services for The Centaur to keep up with industry trends.
  • Oversight and execution of external client onboarding and test plans including prioritizing schedules and resources.

Leadership & Staff Development

  • Track and guide individual performance for all assigned testers.
  • Primarily responsible for project morale and team building activities for assigned projects.
  • Responsible for proactive development of staff.

Reporting & Communication

  • Create, update, and provide test status, risk, and confirmation reports at defined frequencies for assigned projects. Create and maintain all reports for client and The Behemoth projects, including client portals, weekly status updates, meetings, etc.
  • Maintain excellent e-mail, phone, and in-person communication as the primary contact for clients, production staff, and other project stakeholders on the assigned projects.


  • Write and/or supervise writing of project test cases/testware.
  • Direct test execution and tester activities on assigned projects on a daily basis.
  • Provide post-release support 
  • Work with test specialists to integrate advanced test execution (compliance, automation, compatibility, etc.) as needed.
  • Review all incoming defects from assigned testers at high level of proficiency.
  • Execute tests and document defects with high level of clarity and proficiency.


  • Demonstrates excellent command of written language; excellent command of spelling and basic English-language grammar; Demonstrates ability to effectively review and edit defects.
  • Demonstrates expert command of Functional black box testing, test plan design, and bug writing best practices.
  • Demonstrates expert command of budget, headcount, and KPI reporting/tracking.
  • Demonstrates ability to take on leadership and mentoring of a team of 6+ individuals.
  • Demonstrates ability to adjust test plans and schedules on the fly and deal with high-pressure, rapidly changing environment.
  • Familiarity with platform tools required to perform basic test functions
  • Bachelor’s degree, or equivalent experience/college-level coursework/professional training/certification in related field highly preferred.
  • 4+ years QA experience or 6+ shipped titles with QA credits. Inclusion as core member of a game test team (Senior or Lead level tester) highly preferred.

Not Required, But Highly Preferred

  • Tradeshow experience (PAX, Comic-con etc.)
  • Can lift 50 pounds and/or work with power tools and electronics
  • You enjoy playing indie games and gaming in general

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