Get a job: PortalOne is hiring a Game Producer

This role will take ownership of the games from concept to live product, and manage the development team on a day-to-day basis.

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Game Producer, PortalOne

Location: Oslo, Norway

This role will take ownership of the games from concept to live product, and manage the development team on a day-to-day basis. Growing a small core team into a full development team is an important objective in securing the delivery of key products.


  • Collaborate on defining the product vision, strategy, and business model for the product
  • Execute and communicate the roadmap and sprint tasks
  •  Develop and maintain project schedules for all areas of development
  • Set the quality goals, benchmarks and ensure the game hits its KPI targets
  • Track the success of features after release. Establish internal and external benchmarks
  • Measure performance and provide actionable recommendations to the project teams
  • Keep up to speed with existing and emerging game monetization models and mechanics
  • Identify optimizations for player experience and financial performance
  • Work with the marketing team to expedite communication and ensure deadlines are in synch
  • Overseeing submission to app stores


  • Product management experience in free-to-play games
  • A passion for games and getting great teams to run as smoothly as possible
  • The ability to write relevant, actionable, and detailed tasks for the development team
  • Deep knowledge of game industry trends, design paradigms, business models and go to market strategies
  • Accustomed to taking ownership and having accountability, a self-starter
  • Ability to deliver data-driven recommendations in a clear and concise manner
  • Exceptional team player
  • Agility in tackling both detailed problems and higher level product strategy
  • Passion for creating innovative, fun, and compelling games


  • Strong experience in quantitative analysis and interrogating data
  • Minimum 2 projects launched
  • Managing the full development cycle, from concept to live product
  • Scrum and agile processes
  • Analytics and game KPIs
  • Multi-platform mobile games
  • Various business models
  • Creation of new IP from the ground up
  • Being familiar with project management software

** If your background does not match the requirements we have listed in some way, yet you believe you are a strong candidate for the position, please apply! Explain in your cover letter why this is the role for you. We carefully review every application we receive.


  • 25 paid vacation days per year, plus public holidays
  • 35 weeks of paid maternity and 10 weeks of paid paternity leave
  • Pension program
  • Healthcare insurance
  • Paid mobile phone subscription
  • Free daily lunch

In addition to the professional growth opportunities and general benefits, joining the PortalOne team also offers some nice lifestyle perks. Our offices are located in the heart of downtown Oslo, just a few minutes walk from the waterfront and the central train station, granting easy access to all transportation.

We are residents of the MESH co-working space, so we are part of Scandinavia's most vibrant community of innovative companies. You get arcade machines, ping pong, networking, social activities and a creative atmosphere all in one package. You will also enjoy free daily lunches prepared by the Italian chef in the MESH cafe as part of your employment package. Oslo itself offers the opportunity to easily combine an urban lifestyle with outdoor pursuits.

The full range of European clubs, coffee bars and culture comes with the city, but with the added benefit of numerous summer and winter sporting activities just a subway ride away. Living in Norway also means easy access to travel throughout the Nordic region and beyond.

Interested? Apply now.

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