Get a job: Slime Rancher dev Monomi Park is hiring a Producer

San Mateo-based Monomi Park is looking for applicants well-versed in scheduling, task management, interdisciplinary communication and with an unquenchable, burning desire to make and play games.

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ProducerMonomi Park

Location: San Mateo, California

Monomi Park is seeking a talented Producer to join our team!

This is a full-time position on-site in our San Mateo, California office.

We’re looking for a Producer to join development of our hit game, Slime Rancher, as well as the exciting games we cook up in the future. Candidates should be well-versed in scheduling, task management, interdisciplinary communication and have an unquenchable, burning desire to make and play games!

Candidates should have the following qualities:

  • An understanding and empathy for the human side of game development.
  • The ability to empower team members to create their best work in a timely fashion.
  • At least one shipped title, preferably from pre-production to ship.
  • Strong communication skills and ability to work with onsite and remote team members through all phases of the development cycle.
  • Strong understanding of and ability to advocate for both the player experience and development goals.
  • Experience with task tracking or production software.

Bonus qualities that give you an edge:

  • A deep understanding of and love for Slime Rancher.
  • Experience working on a live or online game.
  • Art, design, or programming experience, especially in a professional setting.

The position will be expected to perform the following at Monomi Park:

  • Play our awesome games and understand them intimately!
  • Own the day-to-day development schedule for Slime Rancher.
  • Collaborate with team members to define any content or feature requirements.
  • Prioritize tasks and manage dependencies to ensure timely deliverables.
  • Work closely with community-focused team members to understand key issues raised by the community and make actionable, objective recommendations.
  • Collaborate with the game director to formulate and execute the vision for ongoing Slime Rancher development.

Monomi Park is a crunch-free studio and this role needs to motivate and support the team to accomplish its goals and adapt to its limitations.

Interested? Apply now.

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