Get a job: HITN is hiring a QA Analyst

HITN is seeking a QA Analyst to continually and extensively test its software, including educational games and engaging learning resources in Spanish and English for early childhood education.

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QA AnalystHITN

Location: Brooklyn, New York

HITN is currently seeking a temporary QA Analyst to continually and extensively test our software for bugs, performance, education, and brand issues. Also test for areas of improvement.


  • Test and review for bugs by comparing software to game design documents and speech documents.
  • Compile bug reports that clearly communicate to the HITN development team what the issues are.
  • Schedule bug list review meetings with the producers to determine bug priorities and potential solutions to problems.


  • Have a strong grasp of what makes educational games great
  • 2+ years of experience testing software and maintaining bug and change request lists
  • Experience developing games, software, or children’s media applications for iOS, Web, Android, or PC Platforms
  • Passion for video games and related technologies
  • Able to work in team environment, interface with internal staff and external vendors
  • Proficient with MS Office, iOS and Android operating systems
  • Experience working in multi-cultural organization
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Bilingual in Spanish and English preferred
  • College Degree preferred

Interested? Apply now.

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