Get a job: Cloud Imperium Games is hiring a Lighting Artist

The folks building Star Citizen are looking to bring on an experienced game lighting artist well-versed in Maya to work alongside the team in the company's Santa Monica, CA studio.
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Lighting Artist, Cloud Imperium Games

Location: Santa Monica, CA The Lighting Artist will work in a cooperative, cross-disciplinary team environment, possessing solid artistic skills, including a thorough understanding of color theory, composition, light, and form. They should have experience with a 3D CG package, demonstrating a solid understanding of rendering, lighting, shading networks, polygonal modeling, and texture UVas. Responsibilities i Involved in look-development around key surfaces and shaders to ensure lighting delivers against visual reference. i Creating both the exterior and interior lighting within environments and cut scenes. i Placing and adjustment of light sources within the environment. i Tweaking of shading materials and textures to improve the perception of the lighting. i Post processing; color grading, exposure, SSAO, bloom, tone mapping curves etc. i Contributing to the development and placement of special effects related to lighting and atmosphere, such as light flares, fog, god rays and camera optics. i Prototyping the use of lighting technology to reach the visual targets defined by the art direction. Experience & Skills i Deep understanding of CG lighting technology, both real-time and software rendering. i Strong sense of lighting theory; color space, exposure, light fixtures, natural light, reflections etc. i Good understanding of cinematography and dramaturgy; the use of camera technology, scene blocking and lighting to set the mood. i Good understanding and experience with physical based lighting system. i Being pro-active in the use of lighting as a powerful tool in gameplay clarity. For example; to guide the player forward, highlight objectives and enemies. i An ability to thoroughly digest the art direction and be a champion for executing it in the game. i Skilled at balancing visual quality against performance requirements. i Thorough knowledge of the game development process. i Working knowledge of Maya, and/or other commercial 3D authoring packages. Interested? Get started here. Are you a recruiter looking for talent? Post jobs here.

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