Get a job: BioWare is hiring a Quality Analyst

BioWare's Edmonton office, perhaps best known for its work on the Mass Effect and Dragon Age franchises, seeks a quality analyst to test and measure player experience of the studio's current project.

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Quality Analyst (Gameplay Specialist)BioWare/Electronic Arts

Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

BioWare seeks a highly skilled gameplay expert responsible for testing and measuring the player experience (fun) using proven analytical techniques (iterative process consisting of characterizations, hypotheses, predictions, and experimentation). The key activities are design and gameplay analysis with a focus on combat balance, test architecting, and testing (providing both objective and subjective feedback).

Current Specializations (w/defined Test Processes): Level Design, Combat, Interface Design, Multiplayer Experience


  • Develop and implement multiplayer testing methodology to ensure quality multiplayer gameplay and levels
  • Provide gameplay balance feedback and critique
  • Work directly with content creators to provide feedback and support as required
  • Document and maintain test coverage documents for assigned content
  • Develop and act upon a plan for applying testing coverage to assigned content, throughout the various phases of development
  • Assist in tracking, organizing, monitoring, communicating and reporting content and system issues for the project.
  • Evaluate work flows being employed by the Content Creation teams and develop efficient methods of providing testing support
  • Work with technical QA to ensure a seamless hand-off process from technical systems checks to design, balance, and fun feedback on gameplay elements as they are delivered by designers


  • Knowledge of software testing methodologies and practices
  • Familiarity with spreadsheet tracking document creation and maintenance via tools such as Excel
  • Experience with online social network integration
  • Prior experience supervising and directing of the daily testing duties of other testers
  • Familiarity with design concepts (gameplay/level design)


  • Familiar with all major release first- and third-person shootergenre titles
  • Avid gamer who regularly engages in multiplayer gameplay
  • Solid understanding of and experience with Agile development processes
  • Strong Time and Task Management Skills
  • Excellent Problem Identification and Solving Ability
  • Effective communication skills both verbally and in writing
  • Expert knowledge in key area(s), particularly Game Design, Game Combat, and Development
  • Strong understanding of Quality Assurance Processes
  • Familiarization with defect tracking and test management tools
  • Focused on continuous improvement
  • Real world experience within that specialization (i.e. Level Design – Experience designing levels).

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